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A  great postcard, flyer or poster quickly communicates your company's services, specials, and its intention. The goal here is to create a combination of text, photos and/or graphics that speaks of an urgency, alerting the casual viewer or potential customer to your services and/or specials happening now. The process of creating a postcard, flyer or poster involves decisions about style, featured services and specials, and the overall message. It is important to think of the direct message you want to send, along with considering what may be the best imagery that will both support the message and entice the viewer/customer to come into your business opportunity.

You can begin this process yourself by writing out the specifics of what you are selling, the dates when it takes place, and what you hope to gain from the promotion. Look at other postcards, flyers, and posters and begin roughly laying out your text and potential photos in a Word document. You can email the Word file to me before our first meeting to aid in the overall process and help keep the cost down.

Note: The samples below all include Copyright JBD text for Google search purposes that's not on the finished printed job.

Joseph Browning Design - Teresa Bruno Massage Gift Certificate

Teresa Bruno Massage Gift Certificate

Joseph Browning Design - Chapman’s Body Dynamics Postcard

Chapman’s Body Dynamics Postcard

Joseph Browning Design - Autosport Detailing Postcard

Autosport Detailing Postcard

Joseph Browning Design - Driven Raceway VIP Flyer

Driven Raceway VIP Flyer

Joseph Browning Design - LeapNow Program Map Poster

LeapNow Program Map Poster