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Copywriting uses words to describe a product or business, to entice the reader, and to invite the potential consumer to take part in and purchase what's being adverstised.

JBD offers strong copywriting skills that describe and enhance businesses and their brands. The main focus of good copywriting is to paint a clear picture of your brand that is easily conveyed to the reader.

Although it looks simple when it's done well, getting to the heart of a brand or a business with copywriting is a relatively complex job. JBD excels at simplifying the process of creating good copy for various graphic design elements that serve your brand and your business.

JBD also offers technical writing and evaluation for businesses, lawyers, and various products. Creating clarity and ease of understanding are the keys to good technical writing. With over 45 years of writing experience, JBD can work on existing projects as well as creating and completing new projects from their inception.