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Forensic Graphics require a lot of input from the lawyer representing the case. Details like police reports, photographic evidence and victim testimonies all play a part in the creation of the right graphics that display the course of events to the jury.

The law firm Hinton, Alfert and Sumner hired JBD to create some large scale forensic illustrations and diagrams to show the details of two personal injury automobile accident cases that were going to court. With careful research and communication with the lawyer working the case, we were able to re-construct and graphically represent key aspects of the accidents which helped the jury decide in favor of the plaintiffs, winning the cases for the law firm.

Note: The samples below all include Copyright JBD text for Google search purposes that's not on the finished printed job.

JB Pictures Design - Cement Truck Accident

Cement Truck Accident

JB Pictures Design - Freeway Accident 1

Freeway Accident 1

JB Pictures Design - Freeway Accident 2

Freeway Accident 2

JB Pictures Design - Freeway Accident 3

Freeway Accident 3

JB Pictures Design - Freeway Accident 4

Freeway Accident 4