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The art of creating Logos and Identities for businesses involves an understanding of how to combine simplicity with eye-catching originality. The goal is to create an identifiable image, icon or graphic that helps the casual viewer both notice it as a logo and to have it simply communicate what the business is or does. The process of starting from a basic sketch or idea and arriving at the finished logo involves many decisions and quite a bit of input from the client. A journey is made from black and white samples to color samples to color and shape adjustments to tweaking just the right parts in just the right ways to reach a satisfying conclusion.

You can begin this process yourself by determining what shape, what text or what image you'd like to see developed into a logo. Look at other logos and collect 3 samples that have elements you like and email them to me before our first meeting to get the best value in the time we spend together.

Note: The samples below all include Copyright JBD text for Google search purposes that's not on the finished printed job.